Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fertigasi cili - lebih cergas dan lumayan dgn Fotogen100

Will be doing some demo in fertigation crops like rock melon and chilli. This plot is in Sg.Buloh area and we are just 20 days after transplanting. Just too bad that there will be no comparison as the farmer has instructed the supervisor to spray the whole area after seeing that the treated plot is indeed growing faster than the untreated plot. Will update periodically as the plants progress...... more harvest than before????!!!!!!!!!!

Romy - bertugas di plot sini. 20 hari selepas tanam dlm beg

Jangkitan keringting daun

pokok yg sihat pd 20 hari. 20days after transplant

20 days

puting bunga mula keluar. Flower buds appearing

Fotogen100 disembur 14 hari sekali

cergas & cepat

semua 4000 beg.

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